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Finding and Printing Topo Maps

Depending on where you are traveling you may have different options for good quality paper maps to help you in your route planning and navigation. If you are purchasing maps, the National Geographic Trails Illustrated series of topographic maps is a good choice and they have a fairly large selection of popular destinations, however, if […]

Map and Compass 101

If you have never used a compass before, or are a little bit “rusty,” we’ve pulled together some helpful information to give you a “quick start” on the Rally map and compass navigation tasks. You can download our Compass Basics guide for step-by-step instructions, but we also thought it might be good to share some […]

Using onX Offroad for Overland Route Planning

For those of you who are new to onX Offroad, or who have not used it for route planning much, we’ve pulled together a helpful selection of tutorial videos so you can get a “quick start” as you begin to plan your Overland Stages. USING ONX OFFROAD TO PLAN Once you know the general area […]

Uploading Rally “Proofs”

Instructions for “best-practice” uploads of photo/screenshot “proofs” Our virtual format means that you will need to send “proof” that you completed various steps — typically in the form of an email and upload of some photos or screenshots. The specific “proofs” and points for each one are listed in the Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally […]

Planning Nomad Rally Stages

Helpful tips to start planning your Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally route While the rally is still months away, it is never too early to start looking ahead and researching possible places to include in your rally route(s). Here are a few things to think about when you begin planning. What are Nomad Rally “Stages”? […]