Mandy Brezina | Ram Rebel | MD

Mandy and Josh are an Army veteran, husband and wife team that enjoy exploring by vehicle whenever possible. In the past, their vehicle of choice has been some variation of a Jeep, with a recent acquisition of Ram Rebel to use as a platform for a pop up camper in the next few years. Don’t worry, we still have the JK8 too!

Josh has been offroading in some fashion since early 2000, while Mandy grew up on a farm driving various equipment and discovered while in the Army there was an entire world of offroaders – embracing the hobby and after meeting Josh, her involvement with various forms of offroading has grown over the years, to include participating in the 2020 and 2021 Rebelle Rally, with plans to compete again this year.

Travel by vehicle so far has primarily been on the East Coast, with some trip out West for a change in scenery. They look forward to the challenge of the Nomad Overland Rally to get them outside and exploring new areas in their backyard that they’ve yet to discover.

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