Nomad Teams Hot Out of the Gate

June 12, 2022 – USA: The Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally got off to a good start with several teams hot out of the gate and already on their first Overland Stages during Week 1. Different teams chose different strategies, with competitors racking up points across all four of the Rally Pillars — Overland Stages, Activity Tasks, Photo Quest and Weekly Challenges.

As the week progressed, a couple of teams were pretty successful in accumulating a lot of points by searching out items from the Photo Quest list which contains 150 things they can locate outdoors. Other competitors began by tackling the Weekly Challenge — this week’s theme was “Responsible Land Use” which includes a review of basic Tread Lightly! principles and general safety questions. This challenge is in a quiz format and serves as a reminder to the teams to make responsible choices as they begin their adventures.

Many of the teams are still in their planning phases and have not yet hit the dirt, but as the week neared the end, there were Nomad Overland Rally teams out exploring in a few different corners of the country, including Michigan, North Carolina, California, Utah and Arizona.

Keep following their adventures here and check the Leaderboard to see the weekly rankings as the Rally continues.

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