Introducing a New Kind of Rally

Something new for 2022 — the Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally is a new kind of challenge that lets competitors design their own multi-stage overland route anywhere in the U.S.A. Teams have ten weeks to plan their route, drive it, and accumulate points for activities related to driving, navigating and outdoor adventure. Additional points are available as part of a photo quest and weekly online challenges that continue throughout the ten-week period.

The concept behind the rally, is to create an inclusive event that allows people to participate from anywhere across the country, with a schedule that is flexible enough to accommodate everyone.

The competition period runs from June 6th to August 14th, and participants only need to complete 12 overland stages — the 12 day-long stages can be done as one long trip, or broken up over shorter periods (such as weekend), making it possible for people who don’t have long vacation periods to take part.

Competitors can create their routes near where they live, or travel to more distant areas — the choice is theirs. And the team “unit” is based on one driver and one vehicle, but has the flexibility to include others, so a competitor can do it on their own, with friends or family or a combination of the three.

The event format is designed so that competitors upload their “proofs” — in the form of photos, screenshots, and answers to online questions — on a rolling deadline basis. As the points are tabulated, the scores get published on a weekly Online Leaderboard. Whoever has the most points at the end of the 10-week period is the winner.

To learn more about the Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally go to the main website. If you are interested in competing go the the Registration page. For other questions or media inquiries, please Contact Us.

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