Adventure Dogs of the Nomad Overland Rally

June 24, 2022 – USA: Many of the Teams in this inaugural edition of the Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally have chosen to include their canine companions in their adventures.

Sara Swenson and Dave Hopkins of Team 104 are doing their Overland Stages with their senior dog Chip and have had to make some adjustments to accommodate his needs. Though Chip seemed to be be initially enjoying the Rally, he started to get a bit tired by Stage 6 of the multi-day Overland segment, and as Sara and Dave went to leave pack up camp Chip hopped on the inflatable bed and refused to get off until Dave carried him to the car.

Sara and Chip during Stage One of their adventure in Northern California.

Troy McNeil and Laura Carter of Team 135 are traveling around North Carolina with their adventure pup Stormy.

Stormy, the adventure pup, traveling along with Laura Carter and Troy McNeil of Team 135 in North Carolina.

Amber and Dave Tembruell of Team 116 have included their three dogs, Minnie, Big Red and Chewy, in their Nomad Rally adventures around Michigan. The Tembruell dogs are avid Overlanders and always happy to jump in the truck to go go exploring.

Two of the Tembruell dogs stand watch while Amber airs down for some sand driving in Northern Michigan.

Cheryl Anderson of Team 136 has included her dog Lola on several of her Overland Stages around California. Lola had a lot of fun with Cheryl and fellow Nomad Wendi Norton (Team 122) on the Rubicon Trail — though even she got exhausted while they were hiking around in search of a USGS survey marker for the photo quest (they eventually found it).

Lola, Cheryl Anderson’s pup, hanging out in Shark Bait (Wendi Norton’s Jeep) on the famed Rubicon Trail.

The format of the Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally offers participants the opportunity to configure their teams in different ways, making it a perfect adventure for people and pups alike.

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